With Paragon 5.82 your client can compare two listings simultaneously with one easy click

As of Wednesday, April 7th, you are now using the most up to date version of Paragon: 5.82.  

This latest update introduces a slew of enhancements that at first blush appear minor, but a couple of them will help you work faster in Paragon AND help your clients.    

Here is a rundown. We’ll start with the juicier bits first!

  1. Purge Date added to Partial Listings Table   

This is a great addition to help you keep track when your Partial Listings will disappear. As you know, Partials automatically delete after 30 days unless you finish updating the fields and submit them.

A new column has been added called Purge Date. It auto-calculates and displays the date your partial listings will be deleted from Paragon. It’s a handy visual reminder to either finish those listings if you need to or say good-bye to them.

2. Quickly change your default Hotsheet and Tour/Open House Reports

You might not even know that you have multiple ‘templates’ or options for your Hotsheet or Tour/Open House Reports. Some contain fewer results; some more, but before this update, the only way to change your default report was by navigating over to the Preferences Wizard. 

Now, you can change your default report right from the Reports drop-down menu on the right. Click on the gear icon to open the dialog box to select your preferred default report. (Important tip below the screencap!)

IMPORTANT! Even after you save your new default report, it won’t be visible until after you refresh or re-load the Hotsheet or Tour/Open House function.

3. Collab Centre – You and your client(s) can compare listings side by side  

This is a super addition, particularly for your clients!  Black Knight has added a compare icon next to the folder icon in the Collaboration Center. With one click, you or your client can compare two listings side by side. This icon will appear on each listing and if you hover your mouse over it, a tool tip appears saying, “Compare 2 Listings.”

To start, click this new icon on the first listing you want to compare. The icon will turn orange and you will see a count of 1.  Click the compare icon on a second listing to launch the compare screen.  After you are finished with the compare screen, click close to end the compare feature and remove your selections. Cool!

4. Is your Email Signature up to date? Hope so, because it’s now your default 

In the Preferences Wizard, you’ll notice that both your Message Body and your Email Signature are now checked as your ‘default’ versions. So, whatever you have saved currently as your default for emails is what is going to auto-fill when you start an email to a client unless you uncheck the default boxes and manually make your changes.

Why does this matter? Believe it or not, there are members who haven’t updated their signatures in years – they could contain a former name or a previous brokerage name or an ancient slogan or call to action, and this old signature will become your default.  Maybe it’s a good time to check your email signature?  

5. New warning message when you change or delete a client’s primary email address  

If you want to STOP all email notifications to a client, then this is a sure-fire way to do it.

Same goes if you’re editing or changing a client’s email address, a warning will pop up that the email notifications will now go to this new address, not the old one. Now, THAT’s handy.

6. Quirky odds and sods worth a mention!

You’ll notice on the Home Screen that the Search Address Unit boxes are now yellow, just like the Address Number and Street Name. It’s consistent with all boxes associated with address and easier to hone in on.

Same goes with Listing Input Maintenance, for any parts of the street address that are required, the fields are now lime green.

As always, if you have any questions about any Paragon updates, contact the Board’s Helpdesk at 604-930-7626.

Source: FVREB IT and Communications