Where on Earth is the Upload Listing (formerly ADT) button? Plus answers to 5 other great questions

If you’re feeling a little frustrated with CREA’s new WEBForms® platform on TransactionDesk, you’re not alone.

Many members have been away or haven’t received new listings in the past few weeks (or months); and may have been a little taken aback in the new year when they went to use WEBForms® Legacy and ADT and found out they don’t work anymore.

Our FVREB Helpdesk is receiving numerous calls and emails currently regarding the new WEBForms® platform powered by TransactionDesk and Upload Listing, the tool that replaced REALTOR® Load (ADT).

This article answers members’ top questions about the new WEBForms® platform and ADT replacement tool.

First, a recap.

CREA has been informing members of the big change throughout 2019 and on December 16, switched WEBForms® Legacy to read-only mode and disabled ADT. Since then, CREA has been directing FVREB members to use the new platform and the replacement ADT tool – Upload Listing – for all new listings. As well, members have been advised to only use Legacy to reference and decide which kits they wish to save.

CREA was planning to disable Legacy on January 2; but delayed the shutdown to allow members more time to transfer their old kits to the new platform. Once you transfer your kits, you can’t do anything with them except read them. You can’t duplicate them; over-write them; cut or paste anything; they’re just for reference. You’ll see that this relates to top question #5!

Q 1: Where is the Upload Listing button on the new WEBForms® platform?

A: The Upload Listing button only becomes visible in the top right corner on CREA WEBForms® 2019 AFTER you’ve opened a Data Input Form (DIF). It won’t be visible on a Multiple Listing ® Contract at all.

So, after you’ve opened one of these four DIFs (you can see they have Upload Listing right in their title):

  • MLSLink – Land Only Data Input Form – Residential (Upload Listing)
  • MLSLink – Residential Data Input Form – Attached (Upload Listing)
  • MLSLink – Residential Data Input Form – Detached (Upload Listing)
  • MLSLink – Residential Data Input Form – Multi-Family (Upload Listing)

…you’ll notice in the top right corner of WEBForms® 2019, a button that looks like this:

Tip: If you’ve zoomed in on your DIF to increase the font size or you’re on your mobile device, it’s possible that the actual “Upload Listing” words disappear, and you only see the open box with forms.

This graphic without the words ‘Upload Listing’ still works when you click on it.

Q 2: After I’ve filled in my DIF, why am I getting an error message “the commission field is required” when I click on the Upload Listing button?

A: It means that Section 5 d. (ii) of the MLS® contract regarding Cooperating Brokerage Commission didn’t automatically transfer to the Residential DIF’s last page.

This MUST be filled in on the DIF for the listing data to upload. So, if you’re getting that error message, go back to the last page of your DIF and manually fill in and save the Cooperating Brokerage Commission.

Q 3: How do I go back to the old WEBForms®?

A: In the new platform on TransactionDesk, in the top right corner, there’s a button that has an arrow pointing left and the words “Legacy Version.”   

Click on this and it will take you back to the old WEBForms®.

And vice versa, in WEBForms® Legacy, in the top right, on the black bar with white font, there’s an arrow and the words “Switch to WEBFORMS® 2019.” Click on that to go back to the new platform. Remember, you can’t create or duplicate kits anymore in Legacy. They’re read-only.

Q 4: How do I transfer my Authentisign account over to the new WEBForms® platform?

A: Once you merge your Authentisign account with the new CREA WEBForms® 2019, it can’t be undone. This is fine to do now (as opposed to before December 16) because as mentioned above, you can’t create or duplicate kits anymore in Legacy anyway.

To move your account over, you need to email support@lwolf.com and in the body of your email, cut and paste this exact script:

I am requesting to have my standalone Authentisign account merged into my new WEBForms® 2019 account. I understand this is permanent and that I will only be able to access Authentisign from my WEBForms® 2019 account, you have my permission to go ahead with the merge.

Your subject line can be: Request to move Authentisign account to new WEBForms® platform. If you need any help with this, please contact CREA at support@crea.ca or 1-888-237-7945.

Q 5: My transferred kit from WEBForms® Legacy to the new CREA WEBForms® powered by TransactionDesk is not editable. How can I edit it?

A: Unfortunately, you can’t edit the kit. The forms have been moved over and archived as ‘read-only’ PDFs. They can’t be edited, duplicated or over-written, nor can you cut and paste from those documents.

The good news is, at least you have them for reference. If you may leave it too late to archive your kits, when CREA turns Legacy off, they’ll be gone for good. If you’ve already archived your important kits, good for you! You can at least print them and then create new kits using identical wording as you did before. 

Q 6: Why doesn’t Upload Listing work when the Area and Sub-area/community fields aren’t filled in?

A: These fields are mandatory, even though they’re not showing as black boxes. These two field values are required in order for the data upload to Paragon to work. Down the road, these two field boxes will likely get changed to black as part of a collection of enhancement requests.  

Where can I get help?

As always, if you need help, we’re here for you! Contact FVREB Helpdesk or 604-930-7626 for any assistance with the new WEBForms® platform or Upload Listing (formerly ADT).

And, you can also contact CREA Support or 1-888-237-7945. They have extended evening hours currently to help with the influx of WEBForms® calls. They’re open Monday to Friday from 11 am to 9 pm our time, and on Saturday and Sunday, from 11 am to 7 pm, our time.