What’s coming with Paragon 5.65

Paragon version 5.65 was launched on June 19 and includes a number of improvements and changes to the system. Here’s what you can expect with the update:

1. Center Map on Address Label Update

Enhancement: When accessing the map on map searches, the ‘Address Search’ box has been updated to say, “Center Map on this Address”.

2. Load Addresses and Default Locations

Enhancement: By popular request, Paragon now has the ability to select from the last five addresses pinned on the map. Just click the down arrow next to address and users can also select from key default addresses including Agent physical address, Agent mailing address, Agent office address, and Board address (where applicable).

3. Updated Font Colors and Map Legend in CMA

Enhancement: The font colors have been enhanced within the CMA to a black font to improve readability.

4. Modify Email Signature Deletion Message

Enhancement: The Email signature message displayed now displays additional work required to modify existing notifications,when the user deletes thier default signature or if a replacement signature does not exist.

5. Enlarge Manual Email Dialog to Accommodate Report Options

Enhancement: Previously within the Email and Print + modals,  there was an alignment issue causing the section to always display a scrollbar. Data has been resized to fit neatly along the allotted space.

The Email and Print+ modals have been refactored to fit the default data into the selected reports section without the need for a scrollbar.  If one of the columns is resized by a user, a scroll bar may be displayed and works as expected.

6. Improved Access to the CMA Preferences Wizard

Enhancement: It is important that a User setup their CMA Preferences for a smooth and ideal CMA creation experience. Therefore, we have made it easier to identify, access, and utilize the CMA Preference Wizard in Paragon.  A few new options have been added to the system making it more flexible as to where the Preference Wizard can be accessed. The Preference Wizard has been added to The CMA menu along the top and also has been added to CMA Wizard menu.

7. Long Description of Lookup Values in User Preference

Enhancement: Users now have the ability to display the long description of lookup values in the search criteria.  Search Options section of User Preferences will display an option that enables long descriptions in search criteria. This functionality will be disabled by default.

8. Third Party Integrations Update


Collablink:  This is the mobile view of emailed listings from Paragon.  Consumers who open listing emails from their agents will go to a mobile friendly view called, “Collablink”.

Public Detail:  If a prospective buyer emails a listing from the Collaboration Center to a friend, family member, etc., they will receive a link to that detailed view.  That detailed view is a public view that shows a detailed report of the listing called, “Public Detail”.

9. Secured URL for Paragon and Publink

Enhancement: In keeping with internet and security standards, Paragon and email notifications (Publink) are being upgraded to display in full SSL throughout those applications. In a future release, additional features such as Mobile, IDX, and the Client Collaboration Center will also be enhanced to full SSL. Paragon is upgrading its security to protect you and your Clients’ data.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns related to Paragon or other Board tools, contact the FVREB Helpdesk at 604-930-7626 or helpdesk@fvreb.bc.ca.