What’s coming with Paragon 5.63

Paragon version 5.63 is coming on March 14th and introduces a number of improvements and changes to the system. Here’s what you can expect with the update:

 1. Google Maps

Google Maps will replace Bing Maps as the mapping tool used in Paragon and the Collab Center, adding more up-to-date maps throughout the system.  In addition, street view is included as part of the normal Google mapping features. (Advanced Mapping will be added in a future release).

Here is what has been added or changed with Google Maps, or will be impacted:

  • Hybrid View (Combination of Aerial with map labels)
  • Data is more up to date and is updated more frequently then Bing maps
  • Points of Interest has been updated to an on/off switch instead of selecting various POIs.
  • Birds Eye View is no longer available
  • Change Geocode Window
  • Map Icons that open a map Window
  • CMA
  • Maps embedded in reports (e.g, All Fields Detail, Google Map report (formerly known as Bing Map report)
  • Print/Print +
  • Emailed Reports

Street View in Paragon:

2. Property History Report – Change Type field now displays all activity

On the Property History Report, the Chg Type (Change Type) field now displays all activity for each change record. The data is no longer truncated to each line. All existing records will also show this.

Old version:

New version:

3. Send multiple listings as PDF attachments

You will be able to choose a group of listings and report views to attach to an email as a PDF file (when sending an email manually). These changes have been implemented in Paragon Public records also.

The maximum length of the PDF file that is allowed is 20 pages. If the attachment is longer than 20 pages, it will be cut off at 20. As a reminder, the retention rate of emails and attachments within Paragon is set at 90 days.

4. Visible notification when errors and warnings occur while creating or editing a listing

When creating a listing or converting a partial listing to a standard listing, Paragon will now display a pop-up warning message anytime an error/warning is found while entering a listing.  This calls attention to the often overlooked error grid at the bottom of the screen.

The message will advise that your listing has not been saved and you must address the errors/warnings listed below.

5. Address Overlay

When searching for properties by class or using the Quick Search and entering listings in Listing Input Maintenance, the address fields now have overlays identifying the information to be placed in those fields.



As always, if you have any questions or concerns related to Paragon or other Board tools, contact the FVREB Helpdesk at 604-930-7626 or helpdesk@fvreb.bc.ca.