What’s coming with Paragon 5.62

Paragon version 5.62 is now available and introduces a number of improvements and fixes to the system. Here’s what you can expect with the update:

1. Listing Display ID has been added to the Change Geocode window

The Change Geocode window has been updated to include the listing display ID at the top.  You will now be able to see the ID without having to close the window.

2. Collaboration Center now displays Photo Labels and Descriptions

When a photo label and description are added to a listing photo, they will now display on the bottom portion of the photo within the Collaboration Center detail report.  If you run the slideshow, it will appear at the bottom of the slideshow.  It will also appear in the mobile view.

3. Collaboration Center: Comment Notifications to clients now contain more information

Previously, if a comment was added to a listing the client would receive a notification with only the number of current comments. Now, the new comment and the listing information have been added to the notification emails.

4. Collaboration Center: Ability to close ‘Contact Me’ page in-app via new button

When using the mobile view, users are now able to exit the ‘Contact Me’ page in a listing via a new ‘Close’ button and that will return them to the home screen. Previously, users were unable to close the ‘Contact Me’ page without using the ‘Back’ button within the browser, sometimes requiring an entire reload of the page and information.

5. Collaboration Center: Listing information now reflects when multiple open houses are available

Previously, if a listing offered multiple open house options, the update screen would only show that the listing had an open house. It did not indicate if there were more than one open house available. Now, a description has been added below the listing information that displays if there is more than one option available.

6. Collaboration Center: Password Reset process updated

The Collaboration Center password reset functionality has been modified to conform to the more secure standards applied to Paragon.  When you enter your email address and submit it for a password reset, the confirmation message displayed will be the same as is displayed in Paragon.  The previous success or failure messages have been removed.

7. Collaboration Center: Unused ‘Beds’ and ‘Baths’ labels are now hidden 

Previously, unused labels remained on the listing details even when the fields were not in use. Listing reports in Collaboration Center and Email Notifications will now hide the labels for the ‘Beds’ and ‘Baths’ fields when a property class does not require them.



And that’s Paragon 5.62!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns related to Paragon or other Board tools, contact the FVREB Helpdesk at 604-930-7626 or helpdesk@fvreb.bc.ca.