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Updated: Two fields to pay attention to in your Saved Searches with the new Residential Data Input Form

On July 12, a new Residential Data Input Form (DIF) will be released and will include many updates requested by members of the Fraser Valley, BC Northern, Chilliwack & District, and Greater Vancouver real estate boards. The changes will add valuable new data to draw upon and enhance our Paragon property reports.

What’s new

Some Saved Searches may be affected by changes to two existing fields.

When the new Residential DIF is available on July 12 and you are submitting a new listing to Paragon, you will be able to select up to two values in each of the “Driveway Finish” and “Foundation” fields, rather than one value per field. The existing single-selection fields will be replaced with new multi-selection fields.

Why it matters

If your existing Saved Searches have the “Driveway Finish” or “Foundation” fields, those fields will disappear from your Saved Searches on July 12. The new multi-selection fields will NOT automatically replace the single value fields.

This means your client may start to receive property matches which do not meet the desired criteria. To prevent this from happening, you will need to edit your Saved Searches to ensure they include the new multi-selection fields.

Note: This ONLY affects Saved Searches containing the “Driveway Finish” or “Foundation” fields. You will NOT be notified that your Saved Searches are no longer working as you intended.

How to edit a Saved Search

To edit an existing search:

  1. Select Search.

2. Under the Saved Search menu, select Saved Property Searches.

From there locate the search you want to edit and click on the link to open the search criteria.

3. Click on Features.

4. Scroll to the bottom of Features, select your criteria and save.

5. Click on the Save Search drop down menu.

Click Save Search, then Save, which will overwrite the search template you started with. This updates the search, and any client associated with the search will start seeing a change in their search results immediately.

More information:

Members are encouraged to check out all of the new Residential Data Input Form fields and criteria that will be available to enhance the quality of their searches, as shared in our June 1 NewsReal article.

Please watch for more details leading up to the July 12 cutover of the new Residential Data Input Form.

Questions? Email FVREB’s Helpdesk team at

Sources: FVREB MLS® and Helpdesk