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IDX & Reciprocity – Empowering Members Websites with MLS© data

REALTORS© often create their own personal websites, and with the IDX & Reciprocity agreement and practices in place with brokerages, these sites benefit from the power of MLS© data from the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board.

IDX (Internet Data Exchange) is the software by which a data connection is established between the website and MLS data. Reciprocity, as written into the Rules of Cooperation, allows members to display active listings on their sites providing the necessary guidelines are followed. As long as your brokerage hasn’t opted out, members will have full access and permissions to take advantage of this capability. FVREB brokerages are automatically opted into the IDX & Reciprocity program unless a broker has specifically requested to opt out, in which case the IDX will still have listings available for display on any IDX Reciprocity site.

Building an IDX site

Many members build their IDX using a Board-approved third party media company, which has direct access to FVREB’s data. Once the FVREB Helpdesk confirms that the company has permission to build the website for you and that the brokerage has not opted out of the IDX & Reciprocity program, the vendor proceeds to build a website according to your specifications.

For members who choose to build a website on their own or with an independent website development company, the process is very similar:

  1. In Paragon click on Preferences à IDX Smartframing
  1. On the IDX Smartframing page, select ‘I Agree’  and ‘Submit’. This puts your request for IDX Reciprocity into a pending status.
  1. With your account for IDX Reciprocity now pending, the FVREB Helpdesk to verify if access is approved or not, and to activate full access.

  1. Once access is granted, refresh the IDX Smartframing page, to show as active. At the bottom of the page are 7 URL links – IDX frameable links. There are many how-to and standard support documents on the internet for building a site with these links.

For members choosing the self-directed route, unfortunately the FVREB Helpdesk is unable to assist you or your private developer to build the website.

Finally, members can also opt to build a DDF (Distributed Data Facility) website at  DDF sites pull data from CREA’s as opposed to FVREB’s data and allow you to build sites with properties from anywhere in the country. For more information on creating a DDF site, contact CREA at 1-800-842-2732.

If you have any questions about IDX & Reciprocity or how FVREB can help with your website, don’t hesitate to contact the Helpdesk at or 604-930-7626.