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How to Boost Your Social Media Presence: The Do’s

(Part I of a Three-Part Series)

There’s no denying it; Social media marketing is now a vital part of any business plan. We know that stepping up your social game has been on your radar for the longest time. And we’re here to help you ramp up your social media marketing efforts. This article is the first of a three-part series.

Two weeks ago, we launched the Fraser Valley REALTORS® Network, a closed Facebook group for FVREB members. It is a great place for you to network with other members and share your experiences, insights, and pro tips. We will also be posting social media tips and tricks there from time to time. (Please note that you need to answer two security questions before your request can be approved. If you’ve already put in a request but forgot to answer the questions, check your Facebook inbox or Facebook Messenger.)

Here are some helpful social media do’s to help you find that sweet spot in social that will make your profiles stand out.

1. Create a plan and set realistic expectations.
Don’t skip this step. The more defined your plan and goals are, the more effective and achievable they will be. Learn as much as you can about your target audience and examine your competitors’ social profiles. You can also draw inspiration from other brands that are doing great on social. Understand what works and what doesn’t so you could refine your strategy.

2. Strive to add value.
What’s in it for your target audience? Share useful content that will resonate with them. Monitor what’s happening in social and jump in relevant conversations.

Pro-tip: When sharing posts from other sources, strive to include your insights. By doing so, you will trigger the discussion and show your expertise.

3. Respond, engage, and say thank you.
Providing valuable content is great, but don’t forget to interact with your audience. Social media is a two-way communication. Respond to those who mention your brand or share your content. Mention and tag people and pages you reference in posts. Try to reply with a comment to start a conversation.

Pro tip: Always answer questions. If the conversation is going sideways, take it offline. Remember to stay professional.

4. Be human. Keep the social in social media.
Your pages won’t grow if you don’t make people actually want to engage with you. Use your social presence to let people know you as a Realtor. Let your wit, sense of humour, and awesome personality shine through. Get them to love your brand so they will remember you.

Keep in mind that social media should not be a numbers game. Build connections online just like you would in person. Seek relationships, not just followers. Quality over quantity.

5. Get visual and use compelling images.
Countless brands and individuals share content every day. Make your brand stand out and come alive with eye catching and high quality photos and videos.

Did you know that people tend to engage more with photo posts than with plain text ones? They want to see images that pique curiosity, evoke emotion, and tell a story.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth thirty thousand words per second. Video is the top media format on social. It has greater organic reach versus a photo post.

Pro tip: Have a healthy mix of content and watch your pages grow.

6. Maintain brand identity.
Think of your social pages as your digital first impression. Make your brand easily recognizable by using the same profile picture, colour scheme, and business name. Additionally, pay attention to the tone and voice you use when posting updates, commenting on posts, and replying to comments.

7. Optimize your social media pages.
Have you filled out all the necessary information? You might have missed adding your branded hashtag or relevant keywords. Drive back traffic to your website or listings by linking your social profiles to your website. Don’t forget to add social links to your email signature.

Pro tip: Every six months, check the latest social media image size guide. Social media platform updates happen quite a lot. You want to make sure that your images and videos, including your profile pictures, look good on each platform.

8. Think before you post.
Share thoughtfully. What you post becomes a representation of you and your business. Always cross check the authenticity of the source of information.

Social media is a marathon, not a sprint. Growing your pages takes time and getting results requires consistent effort.  

Check back next week to know about the social media don’ts.

Source: FVREB Communications