Common-sense changes with Paragon 5.83 to improve your workflow

As of Wednesday, June 2nd, you are now using the most up to date version of Paragon: 5.83.  

This latest update introduces a handful of small, logical changes reflecting Black Knight’s goal of continual improvement based on member input.

Here is a rundown.   

1. Under Saved Searches – notifications auto-extend for Listing Cart recommendations  

If you’re a Listing Cart user, this improvement is for you.  Just like all Collaboration Center client notifications, any listing recommendations that you add to your client’s ‘cart’ have a one-year default expiration date.

With this enhancement, any time you add a new listing to a cart, the notification end date automatically extends for another year, even if that client’s Listing Cart notifications had stopped or were about to stop.

You don’t have to manually set it up. Paragon does it for you.

2. Goodbye TOH, hello Tour/Open House  

Can you see the difference? To help clarify the labels for Tour and Open House in the default search reports, the words are now spelled out to be consistent with labeling in other reports.

3. All toggle switches now align with industry standards

Who knew? The industry standard for toggle switches is that the default is OFF, not ON. There aren’t a lot of these within Paragon (there’s one where you renew your personal expired searches), but if you’re used to these always being on, you’ll now have to manually switch them on. They’ve added colour and mouse-over effects to make it easier to visually identify.

4. Notifications disabled when a client becomes inactive

This makes perfect sense. The notifications within Collaboration Center are now disabled whenever a contact goes from active to inactive.  This will prevent notifications from auto-sending to inactive clients.

As always, if you have any questions about any Paragon updates, contact the Board’s Helpdesk at 604-930-7626.