C Report by Area: A ‘secret stash’ of MLS® sales statistics when you need them

In a market this fast and intense, you need every possible statistical tool available to advise your clients.

Fraser Valley members have many resources for MLS® stats, but one of them – the C Report by Area – is one that you may have forgotten about or aren’t aware of.  Keep reading, it’s worth it! The more you know about the tools to enhance your expertise, the more you can help your clients and the greater your competitive edge.

Four tools members rely on for MLS® statistics (#4 is the ‘secret stash’)

First, a quick review of the tools you likely use all time.

You have Paragon – perfect for CMAs and listing notifications, but for searching historical sold data, not the fastest and risky if you select the wrong criteria.  Would you know if what you pulled was wrong?

Then there’s our FVREB Stats Centre – this gem of a tool allows you to quickly look up (graph and share) just about every metric you can think of to help both buyers and sellers – prices (three options), number of sales, sales-to-actives ratio, average days to sale, price per square foot, and more – AND you can search by SUB-AREA. Yeah! But (there’s always a but), the tool only covers our four main residential property types: single family detached, townhome, condo and detached with acreage.

Thirdly, every month, we email you a link to our FVREB Stats Package, which includes market analysis in the press release, a summary of MLS® and MLS® Home Price Index data, and graphs. 

Finally, what if you’re looking for data on the not-so-common property types – what we call in statistical jargon, the outliers? Duplexes, residentially zoned land, manufactured homes with or without land, and so on.

Where can you find those? In FVREB’s C Report by Area. See, told you this was worth it!

Surprise! The data you rely on every month comes from the C Report (via Paragon) 

We call the C Report the ‘mother of all reports’, because the data contained in it literally ‘feeds’ the Stats Package’s MLS® Summary mentioned above. It’s also the data source for numerous other FVREB statistical reports we post on REALTOR Link®:  the D Report, E Report, and Detail Sheet.

The C Report contains everything except HPI data – it lists the number of sales, new listings, dollar volumes, median and average prices, and a slew of other metrics.

We email a link to the C Report to Managing Brokers every month, but it’s not distributed to the wider membership. Why not?

Because it’s huge (27 plus pages), horrible to look at, and only a 20-year-old could read the font! Here’s a taste.

As you can see, not attractive, which is why we extract the most important numbers and publish them in easier-to-read formats. 

So, why would you want to open it? As mentioned, it has data for all the other property types not covered in our Stats Package. Looking for the average price of a manufactured home on a pad in Surrey? Head to the C Report. Total dollar volume of farms sold in Abbotsford in a given month? You get the picture.

Where to find C Report property type definitions and an explanation of the column titles

To help you decipher this report, we have two legends posted on our Market Data & Stats pages on REALTOR Link® under Current Market Data. Links to these two PDF documents are right above the link to the most recent C Report by Area. 

The first – the C Report by Area Property Type Definitions – defines what the C Report property type acronyms are and the second – the C Report by Area Column Title Definitions – explains the headers of each data column.

The first three pages of the C Report by Area provides Board-wide numbers and then each of our communities – including City of Surrey combined – has their own dedicated pages. Note: no sub-area data is contained in the C Report.

Would we recommend you sharing or showing the C Report to a client? Ah, unless you want to put them to sleep, no. But it is a helpful ‘secret stash’ of hard to find MLS® statistics for when you need them.

Source: FVREB Communications