Brokers: View your statements in the New Member Portal

The New Member Portal launching on Tuesday, April 2, will empower Brokers to view statements for their office with greater ease.

Not only will you see a list of your invoices and payments, you can also open each item to see more extensive detail. You can also view statements for certain date ranges and print any that you need hard copies for.

To access and view your statements, begin by going to the ‘Brokerage’ menu item at the top of the home screen. From the drop-down menu, select ‘My Brokerage Account’.

If your organization has multiple offices, you can select the correct one by clicking the ‘Pay Now/Account History’ button.

From there, you can select either ‘Annual Statements’ or ‘Date Range Statements’.

If you select the ‘Annual Statements’ tab, records for the current year will be displayed by default. You can also choose to select a different year through the dropdown list.

If you select ‘Date Range Statements’, you can select a span of time to view statements for.

You can then click on the ‘Document’ number to open the detailed invoice or credit/receipt.

And that’s how you view statements for your office in the New Member Portal! Keep an eye out on NewsReal in the coming weeks for more coverage on features and tools available to you in the new portal launching on April 2.