The worst excuses: Why you didn’t call the client back

Sometimes there are valid reasons why you didn’t return a client’s phone call — but none of them are on this list:

  1. My kid was at home with a cold
  2. My phone battery was dead
  3. I met someone!
  4. It’s just been one of those weeks!
  5. My in-laws are staying with us
  6. I’m house training our new puppy

The truth is that when you don’t return a phone call, people interpret it as a sort of failure on your part, as unfair as this may be.

The person can read it as:

  • a sign that you don’t think they are important to you
  • an indication that you are lazy or inattentive
  • that you’re too busy to provide them with quality attention
  • a red flag that you may not show up when they really need you

Your client may never say as much to you; it may be subconscious and linger in the back of their mind. Bottom line: failing to return calls will have an impact on a client’s perception of you to some extent, even if you have a valid reason.

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