Rule Changes Advocacy Update: Call to Action

The BC Boards and BCREA are working together to support you and your clients in the transition to new rules resulting from the Real Estate Council of BC’s Independent Advisory Group’s (IAG) Report. One of the report’s recommendations lead to elimination of limited dual agency.

The Boards and BCREA are advocating for modifications to the ban on limited dual agency where current interpretations may negatively impact the public. We also seek to ensure your voice is heard as new rules are created around the 28 IAG Report recommendations.

The team is working with a government relations expert to develop and implement advocacy plans, as well as legal experts to help identify and propose workable solutions to issues emerging from the elimination of limited dual agency.

The presidents of every real estate board and association in the province signed a letter which was sent to Superintendent of Real Estate Micheal Noseworthy, and copied to Minister of Finance Carole James and Council Chair Robert Holmes. The letter requests a delay in implementation of the limited dual agency ban to the end of 2018 and seeks a meeting with Mr. Noseworthy to discuss the request. The original implementation date was March 15, 2018. BCREA and the 11 BC Boards received a letter from Superintendent Noseworthy on February 9, stating he would move the implementation date to June 15, 2018.

The proposed changes deeply affect you and your ability to help your clients.

Call to Action for all BC REALTORS®:

BCREA thanks the more 3,700 REALTORS® who have already written to their MLA to request a delay in the implementation of the ban on limited dual agency. If you haven’t written to your MLA yet, BCREA encourages you to send one today because there are still questions about dual recusal. The Superintendent said in his letter that he would “create new rules to address how licensees should manage conflicts of interest involving competing clients so that they can continue to represent a party to the transaction.” You can see his letter here.

Follow the link below to join the REALTOR® Action Network, which makes sending the letter fast and easy. It takes less than five minutes because the letter is already pre-written! Note: Each letter sent to an MLA is also copied to the Office of the Superintendent of Real Estate, Minister of Finance and Council.

The more letters the MLAs, Superintendent of Real Estate and Council receive, the stronger our voice will be.

It’s important to communicate to your MLA that the real estate profession is:

  • Trying to avoid unintended adverse impacts that regulatory changes could have on the public, and
  • Attempting to avoid the mass confusion they’ll cause amongst the 23,000 Realtors in BC in the absence of sufficient communication and training to assist with the transition.

Write to your MLA:

  1. Click here to get started.
  2. You’ll need to enter your MLS® log-in information, then click “OK” to join the REALTOR® Action Network.
  3. At the top left of the page, make sure you select “British Columbia RAN.”
  4. Select “What I Need to Do.”
  5. Click on “Take Action.”
  6. Follow the instructions on the page, then click “Send Message.”

We’ll share more details about our government advocacy strategies in the days ahead.