In the Media: June 20 – 24

For this week’s edition of In the Media, we have stories on the upcoming IAG Report and the possible recommendations it may include, BCREA’s look into home prices historically and what they can tell us about the future, Brexit’s affect on the housing market, and local real estate news happening throughout the Valley.

What happens next to home prices?

BCREA recently released a Market Intelligence Report on historical trends of home prices within our region, and what they might tell us about the near future. As BCREA Chief Economist Cameron Muir stresses, “This is not a forecast. This is what has happened historically, and it gives you an idea (what might happen) from previous cycles”. You can read a Vancouver Sun article covering the report here.

Reporting on the IAG Report

The incoming Metro Vancouver real estate report from the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) is expected to be released next week. The Province talked to a number of professionals within and outside of the industry to discuss what may or may not be included in the report’s recommendations.

The Brexit Effect

A local analyst thinks that Britain’s recent move to leave the European Union may have implications on our local housing market.

Lots happening in Langley

Some fun for your Friday

And that’s in for this week’s ‘In the Media’. See you next time with more on what’s happening in Fraser Valley real estate.