Add “Board volunteer” to your résumé

Do you want to make a difference? Would you like to learn more about your Board? Looking for opportunities to work with your fellow members? Each year, we invite members to put their names forward for volunteer opportunities with the Board. This could involve committee work, task forces or special projects.

We have a long tradition of member involvement and the Board of Directors rely on member volunteers to provide research and recommendations as well as assist in the delivery of special programs and events. Not only is this an excellent opportunity help the Board move forward towards attaining both short and long term goals, you will also have a chance to enjoy the unique closeness of spirit and degree of commitment between the members that comes with volunteering.

There are two types of volunteer opportunities:

  • volunteering on a standing or special committee; or,
  • volunteering for a specific project

See below for a list of our current volunteer opportunities.

FVREB standing or special committees:

Arbitration Committee
Directs all arbitration activity between members and attempts to resolve and mediate issues such as commission disputes and, if unsuccessful, conducts hearings to determine the disposition of commission Meetings take place second last Thursday of each month, if required Mediate files and attend hearings, as assigned Mandatory half-day training before joining committee
Professional Conduct - Investigation Committee
Investigates and considers the conduct of any member of the Board and disciplines any member as provided in the By-laws Meetings take place second Wednesday of each month Conducts investigations, as assigned Mandatory one-day training before joining committee
Professional Conduct - Hearing Committee
Conducts member hearings and determines conclusive decisions regarding the issue, including appropriate penalties as provided by the By-laws Prepare for and attend hearings, as assigned Mandatory one-day training before joining committee
Finance Committee
Assists in the management of the Board’s financial affairs and ensures Directors fulfill their legal, ethical and functional responsibilities through adequate financial oversight Meetings take place second last Wednesday of each month, as required
Governance Committee
Assists in the governance of the Board by implementing and recommending changes to board policies and By-laws Meetings take place quarterly unless more frequent sessions are required
Government Relations Committee
Builds positive relationships with locally elected officials and staff from all levels of government to facilitate change for the benefit of Fraser Valley REALTORS® and their clients. Meetings take place as required with additional meetings and events involving elected officials or their staff throughout the term, if required.

Volunteerism presents you with a terrific opportunity to grow in your profession while at the same time, make your professional association stronger.

To apply, please fill out this form posted on REALTOR Link®  and send it to Irene Wyper by February 22, 2021.

Source: FVREB Communications