Effective January 2021, Fraser Valley members saw their monthly membership dues increase for the first time in a decade.

We announced the change and explained the rationale to members in early December. Your Board of Directors agreed with the Finance Committee’s recommendation that in order for the Board to continue to support you with high levels of service and be able to invest in the tools you will need in the years ahead, an increase was necessary.

As FVREB CEO, Baldev Gill, and President, Chris Shields, explain in part three of our special video series, much of the Board’s budget goes towards the tools, resources, and services provided to you by the staff – the people that work hard every day dedicating themselves to your business needs.

Here is veteran broadcaster, Stu McNish, interviewing your CEO and President in a conversation that matters.

Run time: 4:50  

Next week, Baldev and Chris, explain why our March 11th AGM won’t be held via Zoom. And it’s not because Zoom isn’t effective! The answer may surprise you. Coming up next issue. 

Source: FVREB Communications