Two reports removed from Paragon®

Please be advised that the following reports have been removed as of October 25, 2019:

  • From Residential Paragon® – the Full Public w/Disclosure
  • From Commercial Paragon® – the Client View w/Disclosure.

These reports were made available on Paragon® a number of years ago as a quick, easy way for agents to capture the buyer’s acknowledgement of the amount of commission the Buyer’s agent anticipates receiving, to fulfill their requirements under section 5-11 of the RECBC rules.

Recently concerns have been raised that the use of these reports without significant explanation by Licensees may not fulfill the RECBC mandate for disclosure, which could expose agents and brokers to risk. Therefore, the reports have been removed from Paragon®. The Board recommends that members use the RECBC Disclosure of Remuneration form.