THIS got members talking about the AGM: Can you guess what it is?

Our upcoming AGM on February 19 is one of the most important in our Board’s history.

In order to try and increase awareness of the event, the key issues and emphasize the importance of voting and participating either in-person or online, the Board tried something members have been asking us to try, but we’ve never done before.

Sponsored advertising on social media. And it worked.

FVREB purchased targeted spots on it’s three main social media accounts: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  The sponsored content allowed us to specifically target members, as we have many social media followers who are the general public. This targeted approach worked, and increased member discussion, debate and member awareness.

One of the posts included a link to one of our NewsReal stories – AGM 2020: You can’t miss it! – which helped to push views of that story to over 2,200.  Most of those opens happened within a few days. Considering typical views of our newsletter stories range anywhere from 100 to 500, that level of engagement indicates social media is a smart way to engage with members.

The goal of the campaign was to inform REALTORS® and industry stakeholders of the value FVREB brings to its members and to the profession and highlight the importance of the upcoming vote on Resolution #3. Resolution #3 is Adopting the Societies Act recommended threshold for voting. Currently, our Board’s By-law on voting, established many years ago, require 75% or higher of member voters to approve a Special Resolution.

The BC Societies Act, by which our Board is legally bound by, requires a 2/3 or 66.67% majority of votes to pass a Special Resolution. 

This means that even when the majority of FVREB members approve a Special Resolution (by as much as 67%, 71% or even 74.9%), we remain stuck; unable to move forward on it.

The Board of Directors is recommending that we adopt what most leading-edge associations in BC have already adopted or are in the process of adopting, and that we modernize our governance so that we are progressive and responsive to members’ needs.

For more information on all the proposed resolutions at this year’s AGM and the new option for online voting, head to REALTOR Link® – there are multiple pages devoted to the AGM; By-laws; Candidates and Remote Voting.

We’d love to see more of our members join our AGM on February 19 in-person or online.