Back left to right: Amar Chahal, Janette Cholette, Denise Harris. Front: Sidak Lalli, Navdeep Cheema

Surrey School District Work Experience Program Recognizes FVREB

The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board recently partnered with the Surrey School District, the largest public school district in BC, on their Work Experience Program, and was recognized as a caring and community-minded employer.

As part of this initiative, the Surrey School District offered the professional services of Sidakdeep Lalli, of their Leadership Cohort. The cohort is comprised of outstanding Grade 11 and 12 students who are selected on the basis of their initiative and academic performance.

FVREB’s Membership & Education Department hosted the student for five weeks, with the partnership recently coming to a close. “The team benefited greatly from a dedicated student who would make a good hire, if she were to choose us as her future employer,” said Denise Harris, Membership & Education Manager. “We’re so grateful for her contribution to the team and we’ll miss her.”

Thank you to the Surrey School District, to Shriya Rishi for arranging the work placement, and to Denise and her team for training and welcoming Sidak.  

Collaboration at its finest helped to create win-win-win outcomes for the student, the school district, and the Board.             

Happy trails, Sidak!