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Reminder: A current title search is required to be uploaded for listings

Please remember that you are required to upload a current title search for every listing on Paragon. You do not need to send a copy of the title search to the Board with the listing documents, however once a listing is active on Paragon, the Listing Agent is required to upload a copy of the new title search to the Associated Documents tab, within 24 hours of the listing becoming active. Click here for a how-to guide on REALTOR Link®. The relevant rule is below:

Rules of Cooperation, 3.12 Consent to Post Documents to the MLS® System

All Members are responsible for ensuring that prior to posting any documents to the MLS® System, they have secured all the necessary consents to that information being posted. Unless otherwise instructed by the seller in writing, a copy of the basic title search must be posted by the Member to the MLS® System as an associated document within 24 hours of the listing becoming active on the MLS® System.