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It’s official: Removing photos and information from MLS® listings is against the Board’s new Policy

It has been brought to the Board’s attention that an increasing number of members are engaging in the practice of removing important information such as photos, room dimensions, room descriptions, REALTOR®, Public and Internet remarks from their MLS® listing, just prior to the listing becoming inactive.

Removing listing information from the MLS® System has the effect of degrading the quality of the database all members rely on to provide service to their clients.  This practice will not be permitted to continue at our Board.  Effective immediately, please take notice of this new policy which will be included in the FVREB Member Policy Manual:

The Fraser Valley Real Estate Board will not accept requests to make certain special edits on listings which have become inactive (Expired, Sold, Withdrawn, Cancel Protected or Terminated).  Specifically, requests to remove photos, room dimensions, room descriptions and information in the REALTOR®, Public or Internet remarks will be denied.

In addition, circumstances in which a Member has removed the information noted above from an active listing and then shortly thereafter the listing has expired, been withdrawn, cancelled, terminated, or has been marked as sold, will be forwarded to the FVREB Professional Conduct Committee for review.

Members found to be removing listing information from the MLS® System in contravention of this policy could face discipline by the Board’s Professional Conduct Committee. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that the MLS® System continues to remain a valuable resource for all members.