Interest rates, COVID-19 (not Realtors) are main causes for the hot housing market: Research Co.

BCREA wanted to find out what the general public thinks about the current, hot housing market.  (As you just read in our April statistics report – we’re now at eight months in a row of record-breaking sales, the longest stretch ever.)

What’s behind the housing frenzy? What should be done about it? For answers, our provincial association secured Mario Canseco’s public opinion firm, Research Co., to conduct a survey and BCREA recently released their findings.

In case you missed it, there are some interesting insights, including that only 10 per cent of respondents blame Realtors® for the current seller’s market.

Find out more by clicking here for BCREA’s summary of the survey findings.

And click here to access a link to BCREA’s latest Open House podcast featuring a conversation with Mario Canseco about the survey results and what they mean.

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Source: BCREA