UPDATE: Elevating our listing quality with Listing Data Checker

In November the Board implemented a new tool to support our MLS® in maintaining the quality of the listing information. Listing Data Checker (LDC) scans active listings for routine errors or violations in need of correction.

What is the LDC looking for? Whatever it can find that’s incorrect or in violation of our listing standards. A few examples include:

  • Missing photos or renderings of the property
  • Promotional or contact information within the Public or Internet remarks (including phone numbers, names, email addresses, URL’s etc)
  • Sold information in the Public or Internet remarks of an Active listing
  • Suite field checked off as Unauthorized but the required disclosure has not been made in the REALTOR® remarks

When the LDC detects one of these errors or omissions in a listing, it will send out a notification email to the respective Realtor with information on what the violation/error is, how it can be corrected, and the date by which it must be completed.

Here’s what you’ll see in your inbox:

From: FVREB MLS Audit (EmailNotification@interealty.net)

Subject line: Number of Photos -MLS# R000000 [Reference No:350000;100]

There will also be a link available that will take you to a screen with more detailed information about the error in the listing.

What do you do if you receive a notification like this from the Listing Data Checker?

If you’re approved and have access to Agent Modify, you can correct the listing yourself through Paragon®. If you don’t have Agent Modify, you can email MLS® staff at the Board at mls@fvreb.bc.ca.

If you have any questions about the Listing Data Checker contact our Helpdesk at 604-930-7626 or by email at helpdesk@fvreb.bc.ca.