Don’t share your password!

Members are advised to not share their passwords. The board has implemented methods to identify such actions and members will be penalized for doing so.


Remediation Overview

Clareity system identifies risky behavior that points to password sharing. Examples of risky behavior include:

1)      Multiple keystroke patterns

2)      Logging in from multiple devices

3)      Velocity breaks


The system has been dialed down significantly compared to other Boards. For example, we allow more keystroke patterns, more devices etc. If someone is in remediation, chances are he/she is sharing. Many members have claimed to not share credentials and many have been caught lying…


Remediation Steps

Currently, there are 8 steps of increasing annoyance. The member is notified of their remediation status through emails and an on-screen message (nag-screen) to ensure the message gets through.


Broker Notification

When a member is in remediation, the broker receives 2 emails. The first email is early in the remediation cycle and most members correct their behavior around this step. The second email is later in the remediation cycle and should be taken seriously.


Exiting Remediation

Members will eventually fall out of remediation once they stop sharing/risky behavior.

If a member is sincere about correcting the behavior, we have the ability to turn off the notification but they still remain in remediation and must exit remediation through their corrective actions. (Eg: we can turn off the nag-screen).


The easiest way to avoid any penalties is to not share your password!