FVREB welcomed 70 new members into its 25-year hall of fame. Here are just a few who came out to celebrate with Past president and emcee John Barbisan. Congratulations to all!

Crazy pets, ‘birthday suits’ & wacky listings

It appears once you’ve been a REALTOR® for 25 years, you really can say that ‘you’ve seen it all.’ Our newest inductees into FVREB’s 25-year-member club share their most memorable stories! 

On May 28, the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board held its annual luncheon for members who have reached their 25-year milestone in the real estate profession.  This year, the board welcomed the largest group of inductees ever – 70 members who hit that special quarter-century marker in 2018, meaning they all joined the FVREB in 1993.

As part of the celebration, which included a special luncheon at Surrey’s Northview Golf & Country Club, guest speakers and the awarding of certificates and keepsake gifts, the roomful of 25, 35 and 45-year plus members were asked to fill-out some cards at each table.

The cards asked the veteran REALTORS®, “what’s your most memorable real estate moment?” “What was the wackiest home you either listed or helped a client buy?” “What was your favourite technological advancement in real estate and why?” And, “What was your biggest hurdle starting out?”

As the awards were presented, the stories were shared. And, whoa boy, some were doozies! We’re not sure if these experiences are typical, but common themes – like crazy pets and homeowners caught unawares – emerged CONSISTENTLY!  

Most memorable real estate moment?

I was taking a first-time buyer and her mom to look at condos. We approached one unit that had “7 deadly sins” hand-carved into the door. Immediately uncomfortable, we entered ‘hoarder hell’ and a loose bird landed, getting caught in my client’s updo. Any showing after that was easy!

Being pinned down at a house I was showing by two St. Bernard’s. I managed to escape by using the garden hose to keep them at bay.

Showing a home when the owners were supposed to be out. A door was closed, I automatically knocked and opened the door to walk in; needless to say, they were home!

Showing a home in North Delta where I opened the master bedroom door and the clients were otherwise engaged. I closed the door really quickly.

Being on an office tour and walking into a home where the owner was just getting out of the shower (nude). He obviously wasn’t expecting cars full of REALTORS® arriving!

Biggest hurdles starting out?

Not surprisingly, many of the answers reflected what any new REALTOR® would say today, presenting your first offer, worrying about getting paid (cash flow!), and getting name recognition on a small budget. One REALTOR® summed it up nicely, “The shock of learning what I had to do to survive and generate business.”

However, there were some challenges that the majority of FVREB members have never had to deal with, at least not yet: interest rates of 19, 20 and 21 per cent in the early 80’s (yikes!) And, before there were cellphones, REALTORS® had to remember where all the phone booths were and ensure they had LOTS of quarters.  

Wackiest home?

An old church on 152nd painted pink. I thought it was a little weird when they invited me back for a ‘hot-tub’ party!

An old house in Port Kells on five acres. The kitchen was older but charming. The residents of the house included birds, cats, three dogs and a full-grown pig. Tough sell!

An older home with a host of large turtles who lived IN the house with the owners!

I did a CMA for an acreage in Deroche where a horse had been living in the basement. Sadly, the horse was now dead, rotting on the front lawn, but there was still one foot of straw and manure in the basement.

My client bought a condo on the second floor in Port Coquitlam that was so incredibly filthy – particularly the bathroom – she went in with a full contamination suit to clean it up!

And last, but not least, favourite technological enhancement in real estate?

In no chronological order…. e-signatures, FRED (FVREB’s first computer system), WEBForms® (lots of votes!), the cellphone, email, WIFI, FVREB Stats Centre, pagers and the number one pick was Touchbase. 

We thank all attendees for sharing their stories and making for a very memorable celebration. Congratulations to all new 25-year members! We wish you the best success in your next 25 years.

David AbbottFrank Cirillo Stewart Green Gary Mand John Samus
Margie Abrams Cindy Day Jeff Greenhalgh C. Ross McDonald Andreas Schildhorn
Heather Atkinson Douglas Derkson Harpal Grewal April Miko Lana Shepherd
Hari Atwal Monica Donetti Andrea Hammond Blair Miller Albert Selina
Blaine Bailey Hank Elash Grant Harding Linda Milligan Robie Sim
Kulwant S Bal Sandy Ennis Wanda Holmes Bryan Morphy Jeet Singh
Kevin Basran Tina Escher Phil Hooper Pamela Omelaniec Rudy Storteboom
Jagjit Bassi Chris Estrada Brian Jarvis Thomas Parrish Sandi Stugis
Trevor Beauchamp Dennis Fung Brian Jenkins Audrey Perron Blanquita/Kit Tan
Kim Beck Gary Ghag Harry Jesse Sandra Perry Michael Thorne
David Boughton Charnjit Gill Rob Koslowsky Darrell Poetker Dan Walker
Gita Burns Angela Glazema Helena Krueger Sonya Reich David Wansink
Bhupinde Chahal Cliff Gordon Carol Little Doug Rempel Andrew Wasalski
Natalie Chernos Susan Grainger Geoffrey Lloyd Brian Rooney David Yipp