Caring for others starts with self-care – A COVID Best-Practices Refresher

The BC real estate sector remains strong, posting monthly gains in near defiance of economic and public health circumstances that have hampered or crippled other sectors. In such a robust market, REALTORS® have a duty to continue to meet clients’ needs, not to mention earn livelihoods, despite the nagging feeling that this surely cannot be sustained.

And in the middle of all this is an even greater priority: the health and safety of ourselves and our communities. Here in BC we’ve been exemplary in our ability to keep COVID-19 numbers down, and Realtors in particular have acted with the necessary agility to successfully adapt to changing circumstances with new approaches and methods. But with a second wave of cases already underway—at home and abroad—the need for vigilance and caution couldn’t be greater; our ability to work together for the collective good is critical if we are to keep the pandemic contained and suppressed.

Here at FVREB, as at most Boards, we have stopped short of requiring members to cease holding open houses, but our guidance at this crucial time, and especially in light of a growing second wave combined with the approaching flu season, remains to strongly discourage the practice. Instead, we urge our members to take advantage of technology-based solutions such as virtual tours and zoom calls wherever possible in dealings with clients and the public. That said, we understand that, in some cases, these options are neither practical nor feasible, and in such instances, the need for strict health & safety measures are paramount.

We urge our members to be ever more observant of the guidelines and precautions as outlined by our health authorities. Re-familiarize yourselves with the proper protocols and best practices, whose simple preventative measures can be the limiting factors that save lives and inhibit viral spread. Remember:

  • Wash hands and use hand sanitizers frequently when in public settings
  • Wear masks and practice social distancing
  • Limit open house events and space individuals and groups well apart
  • Don’t ignore mild symptoms that could be the start of something
  • When in doubt, get tested.

There are a number of useful resources Realtors can turn to for further additional safe marketing practices guidelines:

  • The BCREA has curated a Realtor-centric list of resources designed to help manage your business during the pandemic, with information on conducting transactions to supporting clients to professional development. Visit the site here .
  • The BC Centre for Disease Control is an invaluable source of data for both you and your clients, with info on everything from the latest epidemiological studies to testing protocols and locations to self-isolation procedures to toolkits for families. Check out the resources here.

Remember: when we protect ourselves, we protect others. As always, FVREB is here to help in any way we can—we encourage members to reach out to us with questions or for more info.

And in the wisdom of our health-officer-in-chief, Dr. Bonnie Henry: Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe.

Source: FVREB Communications