Are you using your SentriCard? If not, here’s how!

In October, the Board announced that SentriCards would now be included as part of your membership benefits. This change was made in an effort to not only streamline the process for using and obtaining SentriCards, but also to encourage members who don’t take advantage of the service to take the leap.

If you haven’t yet set-up your SentriCard with the Board, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the Board’s Lockbox department with a valid piece of ID and/or your FVREB membership card to sign-up
  2. Download the SentriSmart app on your mobile device (which you will be able to use once you get your SentriCard) and/or purchase a SentriCard Reader

After that, you’re set. You will now be able to use lockboxes, as well as have access to SentriLock’s tools and customer support.