Broker update on invoices, statements & the Member Portal

On April 2, the FVREB launched a new Member Portal to help you manage your business with the Board more smoothly. Among other things, it provides a one-stop website where you can check on the license and education details of members in your office and manage your invoices and payments online.

Since the launch we’ve had a few technical issues, which is not uncommon when introducing new technology. The quality of our member service is extremely important to us, and that’s why we want to share with you the key issues and how they’ve been resolved.

Invoices and payments

Immediately after the launch of the new Member Portal on April 2, Board Accounting staff discovered issues which affected invoices and payments.

Some invoices contained inaccurate data or were in an incorrect format. As well, the daily invoice email process was affected, which meant that some members received more than one version of the same invoice.

We immediately stopped processing invoices so that the issues could be resolved. This ultimately led to a delay in issuing April and May invoices, as well as April month end statements.


Thanks to the efforts of staff, our vendor, and input from brokerages, we’ve been able get these issues resolved. Here’s the status:

  • Invoices that we delayed sending out have now been generated correctly and can be accessed on the Member Portal. Updated paper invoices and April statements will be sent out on Friday, May 17, via Realty-to-Realty courier, as per usual. Emailed invoices will be sent nightly for those offices who have requested it.
  • Invoices that were generated on or after April 18 have been reviewed for accuracy prior to being sent out. If you received two invoices for the same transaction, refer to the Member Portal to ensure you are using the correct one. Alternatively, contact the Accounting team if you have any specific questions regarding your invoices.
  • Early payment discounts will be honoured if invoices that were delayed, are paid within the payment window noted on the invoices.

Although these setbacks are regrettable, we continue to be confident and excited about the new Member Portal and believe it will be a major improvement of our members’ experience.

Your patience and support during the transition and continued feedback are very much appreciated. Remember, if you need general help with the Member Portal, contact the Helpdesk by email or by calling 604-930-7626.